Email Marketing Case Study – Passive Income With Minimum Money

In this case study I will tell my experience about email marketing. This tecnique is based on collecting emails and sending automated marketing emails to potential customers.


How this business works:

  1. Collect email from google
  2. Send automated emails to these emails. And put product links in your email.
  3. Repeat 1,2

Collecting Emails:


I started with choosing a product. I choosed weight loss products. There are many weight loss products in clickbank, maxbounty. Most of those products are paying commissions over 50% of the product. Also some products have recurring revenue. Let say a customer buys a bottle of weight loss pills, then he/she likes the product and orders second, third, fourth bottle. In this case company keeps you paying in every order.

First of all you have to sign up a platform to promote products. Clickbank mostly sells digital products, Maxbounty mostly sells physical products. Clickbank accepts gmail emails while signing up, make sure you have a gmail email.

Google is the fastest source of emails. To have a list of targeted emails, I saved some keywords. Since my product is about weight loss these keywords are suitable: weight loss, weightloss , lose weight, diet plan, lose 5 pounds in a week, …

Make a google search: weightloss “”

This search will give you pages of results. Just press Ctrl+A and select all text in google search results, and go to Lite 1.8 Web Site and press Ctrl+C to paste the text you have just copied. Lite 1.8 web site extracts all emails in a text. Copy the extracted emails and put them in a excel file. If you dont have an excel in your PC, you can use google spread sheets online. Once you repeat this procedure many times for all keywords you will have hundreds of emails in your excel file.

Writing Marketing Emails

Now you have hundred of emails which belongs to potential customers. We are ready to send marketing emails. You can’t sell ypur product in a single email, customer wants to know more about you, he/she wants to trust you. You can make them trust you by sending valuable information before sending them main product link. In case of weight loss subset, you can send top healthy habits list, or other heath tips and some free stuff including youtube video links and some dietary plans. Luckily most of the products owners have compiled emails ready to send. They know which words make you and product more trustable.

When you sign up to maxbounty or clickbank you will see some health products have many ready to send emails. You just have to send them to your customers.

In this part you will need an email automation system. I am using Getresponse for this purpose. Getresponse is free for the first month. They don’t ask you credit card during sign up, so even if you forget to cancel your free membership they dont charge you, only email automation service stops until you pay. Actually in the first month you will realize if this type of marketing works for you. If you can make money you will pay to getresponse membership if not you pay nothing.

Sending Emails

Before sending automated emails you have to upload your emails to getresponse. It is very simple, just click import list and then choose the excel file which you have created before. You email list is uploaded. If your list has duplicate emails email service will discard repeating ones, so you will send only once to each email.

Now you have to add an autoresponder to your email list in getresponse. Autoresponder sends automated emails to a list of emails. You can send 1 email every day to each email, or you can send 1 email in each week. You can send different emails to each person depending on their choices. Or you can send random emails to each person and see which email has the most revenue. There hundreds of possible email marketing techniques which are ready to use and it is free for 30 days.

Create an autoresponder, which has many emails in order. And start your automation cycle. Your potential customers will be seeing your emails every day or week depending on your automation plan. Some of them will be interested in the product that you are tallking about and will buy it. Once the purchase is approved you will get your payment via bank transfer, payoneer or paypal.


This method is mostly an autonomous procedure. Once you set your email list and your email autoresponder you just wait to get your commissions. Only thing you have to do is add new emails to your existing email list. When you add 100 new emails, getresponse start sending marketing emails to your potential customers, all automatic.


I have collected 3000+ emails of potential weight loss customers using google search.

I have choosed a weightloss product in maxbounty which pays me $80 per each sale.

I send 26000+ emails to 3000 customers in 3 weeks fully automated using getresponse.

Over 9000 emails are open andread.

I got total 1800 link clicks from emails.

73 products are sold. 61 of them are approved.

I got paid 61x$80 = $4880

If you have questions feel free to ask me at

Getresponse Notes: If you sign up to getresponse as a paid user, getresponse gives you right to be a referrer (inviter). That means you will be paid 33% of the the referral’s (invited person by you) payment. Let say you are paying $19/month and you have invited 100 people just like you, you will earn about $19 x100 people /3 = $633 per month.

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