Income Report – March 2021

I have been working on business ideas for a while. In the beginning I have have watched many youtube videos, read many books about how to do business, generate side incomes, and get passive income. Before building this site I was mostly doing App development and other small projects besides my main day time engineering job. At first, my side businesses had very small effect on my overall wealth, now it pays me more than 4 times of the money that I earn from my job. Even though, I earn more than 5 times of my salary in total, I didn’t change my life style yet. I keep investing the extra money I make. I can get retired right now but I will hussle for a while to make sure my future will be more relaxed financially.

I invest extra money that I make into:

  • Buying dividend stocks. Trading view helps me search easily which stock is cheaper.
  • Invest in advertising of my web site and apps. I mainly use Google Ads for advertising.
  • I buy new online courses from Udemy so I keep myself educated.
  • I pay for hosting services. I use SiteGround as hosting service. It is expensive with respect to other hosting services but I choose it for high speed hosting service. It also scans my website everyday for possible hacking attacks. It also backup my site everyday. All these services are included in hosting service for free.

Starting from March 2021 I will post my income reports. I believe it will help you to motivate you to do side businesses and discover passive income ideas. If you don’t have Online Business Ideas Android app yet, please download it.

SourceTypeIncome $/month
1Vid IQAffiliate1408
2Tube BuddyAffiliate2040
3Convert KitAffiliate129
4A WeberAffiliate280
5Lead PagesAffiliate153
6Get ResponseAffiliate117
7Site Ground (Fast Hosting Service)Affiliate172
8Best of The Best (4.4/5 stars on Trust Pilot)Affiliate350
9Tail WindAffiliate271
10Time DoctorAffiliate1485
11Go DaddyAffiliate13
13Bitcoin Telegram Bot (payment proof)Bot306
14Ethereum Telegram BotBot400
15Smart Trade BotBot1100
16Free BitcoinFaucet33
17Android App AdsAds2100
18Stocks DividendsDividends421
20Admitad Extension (payment proof)Affiliate736
21Max BountyAffiliate348
23Pure VPNAffiliate107
24Click BankSoftware33

I will update this page as new payments received.

Some Payment Proofs:

VidIQ Paypal Payment Proof:

TubeBuddy Paypal Payment Proof:

FreeBitcoin Payment Proof, Transaction ID:

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