StormGain Review

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StormGain is a mobile miner, cryptocurrency exchange and leveraged trading broker, with a multi-currency wallet. The platform offers some unique features, including its Cloud Miner tool, loyalty programme, and easy login process. Read our review to find out if StormGain is a legit and safe platform.

StormGain Company Details

StormGain was founded in 2019. The company has gained serious momentum since its inception, with its services now reaching over 120,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

Stormgain is well known as the Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) sponsor during the 2019-2020 season. StormGain has also featured in several online media publications for its innovative trading service.

One of the feature that makes stormgain well known is that they don’t charge commissions on trades. You pay 10% of your gain if your trade ends up with a win, unless you pay nothing for the trade. On the other platforms you pay regardless of you win or lose.

StormGain Web Site

Stormgain offers margin trading in the website. Interface is user friendly and also you can customize many parameters.

Web site offers many time frames, you can set them according to yoour trading type. The site has more than 50 built-in technical indicators including relative strength index, Ichimoku Cloud and so on.

Terminal also offer many local languages. You can watch video tutorials or ask to live chat before trading.

Stormgain works one of the industry leading techical signal and news providers. These signals are paid by stormgain and free for use of stormgain members. Using these signals you can open and close trades and earn without minimal technical knowledge.


You can trade over 30 cryptocurrency. Stormgain also lets you trade stocks such as Apple and Tesla. If your country don’t let you trade USA stocks you can buy them via stormgain.


Stormgain does not charge commissions. You only pay 10% of your win, if you lose your commission is zero.


StormGain lets you trade with upto 300x leverage. If you trade with 1000 dollars and use 300x leverage you effective trade amount is 300,000 dollars. Even 1% gain makes 3000 dollars! Stormgain offers largestleverage among the crypto exchanges. We would suggest you start with low leverages such as 10x at the beginning and see if you can guess direcction of market correctly.

Mobile Apps

Stormgain has state of the art mobile app, once you use it you will probably won’t look to website. It has everything you need, you can track your assets, open/close trades. You can even mine free coins and also invite your friends. By inviting your friends, stormgain will pay you free coins as long as your friends keep mining.

Demo Account

StormGain lets you play with a demo account before investing real money. You can manage a virtual fund worth of 50,000 USDT. Once you believe you are ready to invest with your money you can switch from demo to real account easily.

Additional Features

Stormgain offers a unique Cloud Miner tool. It allows you to mine free bitcoins. Miner runs on stormgain servers so it will not drain your phone’s battery or consume your internet data. Once your mining amount reaches $10 you can trade that money in the app with leverage. I

The tool is completely free once you have registered for an account. Simply open the tool and begin mining every 4 hours until you get your first 10 USDT worth of crypto to trade with. If you invite your friends you will also earn from their mining earnings.


  • Mobile and Web Platform
  • User Friendly, Ease of Use
  • Bonus on Deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Free Cloud Crypto mining
  • Zero or Low trading fees
  • Highest Leverage
  • Invite Friends and Earn More
  • Crypto and Stock Trading integrated

You can get $25 for free if you invest $10 or more.

How Can You Earn With StormGain?

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