Vidiq vs Tubebuddy Youtube Keyword Tool Extension Review

If you have have a youtube channel you keep watching number of your subscribers and watch time every day. Getting new views, getting noticed during millions of youtube videos and acquiring new subscribers have always been difficult. As new youtubers coming into youtube ecosystem it is getting even worse. Whether you want to grow your channel and earn more ads revenue or get more followers and grow your audience you need professional tools.


Vidiq and Tubebuddy are browser extension tools. They help you to choose best:

  • Video length
  • Video Tags Recommendation
  • Video Description Suggestion
  • Video Title Suggestion
  • Time to Upload New Videos
  • Way to Monetize Your Videos
  • Show unmonetized videos
  • Bulk Tag editor

Mainly they are Search Engine Optimization Tool for Youtube. Tubebuddy is trying to target mainly small youtubers where vidiq targets big youtube channels. Vidiq also has a cool feature, it counts your views and subscribers live!


Vidiq Pro Features:

  • Live Stats
  • Trending Videos
  • Thumbnail Editor
  • Boost Option (get 2X views)
  • Video Tags, Tags Ranking
  • Check Your Traffic Sources
  • Track Your Competitors
  • Inline Keywords

Tubebuddy Pro Features:

  • Quick Editor
  • Card Templates and End Screen Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Health Report
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Opportunity Finder

Both tools have free package for small youtubers. They also offer discount for channels that have under 1000 subscribers. Sometimes Tubebuddy offers extra discounts on special events such as new year, cyber monday, black friday, etc. So it makes sense signup for Tubebuddy and they will notify you via email when they have discount.

If you are not sure which one will fit best in your needs I would recommend to install both and try them for 2 weeks. After deciding which one to use, wait for big discount and buy a annual package (annual package has extra discount).

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