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Getresponse is an email marketing tool which is for email subscriber management and email automation. It claims it is the easiest email marketing tool. Getresponse is an European (Polish) company. It reaches to over 1 billion email subscribers every month. It is really huge!

Comparing features with other email marketing tools they look really rich. They have A/B testing, custom landing pages, design testing, video email marketing, conversion funnels, automation loops and so on. Some of these features are considered extra and charged for the user, where getresponse gives them as all-in-one.


Good looking landing page is key to collecting user email and getresponse is very successful in that. Also their automation system is really powerful and feature rich. With the email automation tool you can segmentify your subscribers into different group such as previous buyers, potential buyers, old customer, etc. Once you segmentify your customers you can send more targetted emails to them. As you already know more targeted emails means more conversions/sales. For instance, you should send winter tyres email newspaper to subscribers who are interested in off-road sports, and send new wireless harddisk to people who are interested in IT, etc.

Getresponse pricing is not the cheapest in the industry, but considering the features they offer they have high performance over price ratio. They also offer 1 month free trial where you don’t need to give any promise or your credit card information.

So what can you do with getresponse?

If you have a blog, website, youtube channel you can create simple 1 page web site and put the address of this site in your blog, youtube channel etc. This 1 page web site will ask email address from your visitors. When they enter their email then you can send then many emails. Note that pages are comes with getresponse, so you will not pay even if you use free trial.

You can also send this 1 page web site link in various forums, whatsapp groups and telegram groups. Main idea is to collect email addresses.

Then you will put them in an email automation cycle. Let’s say you are selling hand made stuff such as kitchen tools. And you have 10000 people in your email list. And you have 20 stuff to sell. You just write a short email newspaper:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for subscribing my email list. Thanks for showing interest in my handmade products. Here I have 20 hand made stuff for you. You can find the details below. If you are interested in buying these please call me. Please don’t ask for bargain as the prices are really low.

Item#1: Napkins, $15 each, some photos of the product…

Item#2: Door stopper, $19 each


My phone: + 1 234 999 4567

After you write your email, send it to 10000 subscribers. Getresponse will do the rest. It will send it slowly to everyone in your list. And you will get 200 calls and sell those 20 items.

Next month you will have another 50 items to be sold, so you repeat the email automation procedure. And you have a new business.

If you want to try getresponse click here for 30 day free trial.

GetResponse Email Marketing
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Getreponse is widely used by the digital marketers around the world. It sends over 1 billions emails per month.

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