How to Build a Simple eCommerce Web Site

One thing covid helped is eCommerce. We are seeing many eCommerce giants are getting enormous quarterly earnings. As more and more people are ordering online eCommerce revenues will keep increasing. If you are considering to join this race in early stages keep reading.


You may say “OK, I want to start an eCommerce business but all those tech stuff seems to complicated, I don’t have the skills!” They are really complex, but you can’t aim being next amazon from the beginning. Amazon is selling billions of dollars worth goods everyday, on the other hand you need only a couple thousand earnings per month, at least for the beginning. So building a basic eCommerce site is not that difficult. Actually it is easier as writing on a Word file. I will tell more about details.

Why you should have an eCommerce Site? It is almost passive. You install a web site. List your products. Do some advertising. And then daily ship your orders. Once you do the introductory stuff, only thing you have to do is shipment.


Why you should have your own eCommerce site instead of selling on Amazon? Well there are too much competition on amazon, you have to sell really cheap. Amazon can kick you out if you do something wrong. Having your own web site gives you a chance to become a trade mark, on amazon there is no guarantee same customer will buy from you again. Having your own site gives you freedom, you can sell whatever you want, regular goods, digital goods ( software, ebook, music, photos, etc), drop shipping.

There 2 main stream ways you can start an eCommerce site: WooCommerce or Shopify. Shopify is easier to start but is costly, you have to pay subscription fee every month. WooCommerce needs some time to learn but there is no monthly fees.

Here are some tips and tricks we have compiled for you:

1. Decide what you can sell

Is it a digital product. Can you write ebooks? You can sell them online.

Do you like cooking? You can make pasta, cookies, preserved food, dried fruits, etc and sell them online

Do you have any kind of expertise, Do you know accounting, Do you know to teach math/physics/chemistry? Make a online tutoring site and sell your realtime teaching or pre-recorded videos in a membership site. (Check Udemy)

Do you know which items are sold? Do you know somewhere to get them cheap? Build a drop shipping website and sell them for premium price.

We will add more ideas and examples in this context.

2. Get a domain name

Once you decide what type of products or service you will sell, get a meaningful domain name. Make sure your web site’s name ends with .com
.com domain names are best for google ranking

SiteGround, GoDaddy,   Bluehost,    A2Hosting

3. Get a hosting service

Your web site needs to be hosted in server with a certain IP address. Don’t worry about the technical work to be done, hosting service will connect your server, IP address and domain name. It is really simple and does not need any programming knowledge.

SiteGround, GoDaddy,   Bluehost,    A2Hosting

4. Install WordPress in your website

It is also really simple, once you get your hosting, you have to click “install wordpress” and it is done.

5. Install woocommerce plugin

WooCommerce WordPress plugin allows you to add products in your web page. Normally you have to add each product one by one and edit all sales page.
WooCommerce automize everything you need in an eCommerce website such as:

  • adding new products
  • handling payment ( paypal, credit card, bank transfer, pay at the door, etc)
  • getting shipment address of customer
  • sending emails to warehouse about new order
  • sending emails to customer about approved payment and order status (preparing, shipped, etc)
  • collecting customer contact info (email, phone number, address, gift notes, etc)
  • handling number of left products in your stock

6. Install other plugins to increase sales and automation

Add a nice looking theme: Rehub theme

Add email marketing automation plugin: Aweber,   GetResponse,   ConvertKit

Add SSL plugin: Really Simple SSL

Add Anti SPAM plugin: Akismet

Add SEO plugin: Yoast

7. Add your products, price, discounts, campaigns, limitations, photos, descriptions
More tutorials will be added here…

8. Advertise your web site in google ads or facebook/instagram ads.

Check list of tools that we recommend.

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