Automate Your Crypto Trading Using Crypto Bots

Crypto Coins are becoming popular as Bitcoin and other alt-coin prices rise. Crypto Coins are traded in many countries on many exchanges. It is also very common to trade these coins in many local currencies such as Korean Won, Euro, Russian Ruble or Chinese Yuan. It is also possible to traded coins with coins, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), etc. . Most exchanges let’s you trade with margin and leverage. You can trade 200 times of your money. That means if the coin you trade wins 1% you will earn 200%.


To sum up, it is possible to trade multiple coins with multiple coins or currencies. It is possible to use margin and leverage. It is possible to buy any coin from South Korea Exchange, transfer it to Germany, sell it for Euros, and so on.

When you have a such powerful tools and they are both interconnected and disconnected at the same time we can catch some arbitrage oppurtunities.


If you don’t know arbitrage, price difference of same product in different markets. If Bitcoin is sold fo $15000 in USA and is sold 10000GBP in UK where GBPUSD rate is 1.7, you can say there is a arbitrage on Bitcoin. Here is a simple depiction os utilizing arbitrage:

  • You can buy 1 bitcoin from USA Exchange for $15000,
  • send it to UK exchange, sell it for 10000 GBP,
  • then convert your 10000 GBP in to $17000 in UK exchange,
  • buy 17000 USD Tethered Coins (1 USDT = 1 USD),
  • then send those 17000 USDT coins back to USA exchange,
  • Sell those USDTs for USD, now you have 17000 USD. In the beginning you had 15000USD, You earned 2000 USD. All operation lasted about 30 minutes.

These types of arbitrage on coin market exist in crypto exchanges multiple times everyday. You can check prices and trade them when you see an opportunity. The example we showed was a simple one, included only 1 crypto coin, 2 currencies and 2 exchanges. If you are good at math and finance you can find more complex arbitrage opportunities. Think about this one:

  • Buy Bitcoin with WON in South Korea
  • Send Bitcoin to Germany
  • Buy Ethereum with Bitcoin
  • Send Ethereum to USA exchange
  • Buy Ripple with Ethereum
  • Send Ripple to Turkish Exchange
  • Buy USDT with Ripple
  • Send USDT to Korean Exchange
  • Buy WON with USDT
  • Earn 40% at the end, total operation lasts about 45 minutes.

You can scan arbitrage opportunities everyday and gain high from them. This method is used by many seasoned coin traders nowadays.

If you don’t have time for scanning coin prices every day or you don’t have required skills to trade and transfer coin in multiple coins you can use arbitrage softwares (bots). These softwares do exactly what a human arbitrage traders do. They scan all coins in all markets. When they see an arbitrage opportunity they initiate trade. Since they are much faster than a human all operation may end in minutes if not seconds.

Trading Platforms for Various Asset Types:

Here are top arbitrage/trade bots we found to be succesfull:

3 commas

Coin Rule

Haas Online

Smart Trade Coin Bot

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