9 Best Refer and Earn Apps to Make Money from in 2020

We will show you best apps that pay you to use and refer new users.


1. Rakuten

You can earn $10 per referral or even up to $40 depending on what type of promo they are doing at the time. App pays for every qualified user. Where qualified user means the new user has spend some amount of money and used the app for some time. These details can be found in the web site.


You can use extension for your browser or you can use the Android or iOS Apps. Apps are rated over 4.5 points in both Android and iOS AppStore, that is a sign of reliability.

If you can refer 5 new users and of those 5, 2 of them are qualified users every day you can refer 60 qualified users every month. That will make you $600 to $2400 every month.

2. FeaturePoints

This is one of the best ones of to earn in the long term. If you have a youtube channel, a blog or an instagram channel you can get too many new users. You will earn 50% of what your referred users earn. Users can earn from online shopping, online surveys and they keep adding new ways to earn money. In the beginning FeaturePoints may seem like paying cents where others pay $10 per new user, but in the long term they keep paying you %50 of your referred users earnings. When you have over 100 of active users and if they earn $20 per month in average you will be making over $1000 every month. And your earnings will grow like a snowball as you keep inviting new users.

3. Acorns

Acorn is mainly automatically investing app. You add your credit card to Acorns. It tracks your purchases, let’s say you bought a coffee at $2.80, Acorns will complete that purchase to nearest full number ($3, #5 or $10, depending on your choice). Now your $2.80 coffee will look $3.00. All the money used to complete your purchase to full money will be used to invest in stocks, bonds, gold, etc. (depends on your choice).

You can also earn by inviting new users. They have a great referral program. Note that Acorns is not available in all countries.


It’s a cashback account. It pays $15 per new user. Again if you have have a blog, instagram or youtube channel you can publish a review about Dosh and get many users. Dosh also pays cashback from hotel bookings.

5. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is not very popular as the other ones we have mentioned. They only have App in Google Play Store. They both pay for the purchases you make in online stores such as wallmart and they pay $10 per new user that you refer.

6. InBox Dollars

They have a more complicated referral program but you can earn huge sum of money.

First you earn cashback rewards from your own purchases.

You can earn from reading promo emails, doing surveys and many other online tasks are available.

You can earn from referrals too, They pay you $1 per new user you refer. After 5 referrals, you will earn 30% of your referred users earning for lifetime. And that’s the game changer.

InBox Dollars both have Android and iOS App.

7. Decluttr

You can earn buy selling your old stuff such as electronics, bluerays, DVDs, books, magazines, etc.

You can also earn $10 by referring new users. They have Android and iOS App.

8. Top CashBack

This is available only for Android users.

You can get cashback from travel, online purchases.

They pay $10 per new referral.

9. SwagBucks

This is another long term passive income app.

They pay for watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, and many other ways.

They also pay you 10% of referred users’ earnings which is good for long term income.

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