Use Multilevel (Multi Tier) Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income

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Affiliate Marketing is a type or marketing effort where you work as a brand ambassador for any brand. Actually we are doing affiliate marketing everyday. Let’s say you meet your friend in a cafe, you see he has a new pair of good looking shoes. You wonder where did he bought it, how much it is, if it is comfortable, if store accepts credit card, etc. If you like the price and conditions you go to same store and buy same shoes or similar shoes. You trusted his feedback about the shoes. He somehow convinced you to buy those shoes. That is called affiliate marketing.

In the digital products and services same type of marketing is available. Let’s say you are using a VPN service. Your friend wants to pay for a premium VPN service but he can not decide which one to buy. As you are already using a VPN service, your insights will help him to decide which service to buy.


You can just tell him to buy VPN Service A or VPN Service B. Or you can send him the link of the VPN Service that you like. If he clicks on the link and buys that service, VPN service provider knows you are the referrer of the new customer. Most of the companies are happy to pay you some percentage of the total sale. If you weren’t to send link to your friend, he could end up buying from another company. So, you and the VPN provider that wants to acquire new customer are common interest. You are affiliated with VPN company or you are an affiliate of that VPN company.

If you have too many friends or if you are an influencer on social media you can invite many friends and earn commission from every sale.

This example was based on a VPN service, but affiliate income is not limited to VPN services only. You can share links of:

  • Email Marketing Services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Online Stores
  • Anti-Virus Softwares
  • Online Friend Finding Sites
  • Bitcoin Trading Sites
  • and many other sites

Your choices are almost unlimited, you can share links of hundreds of businesses and get paid commissions for sales. This is simply affiliate marketing.

So What is Multi-Level (Multi-Tier) Affiliate Marketing?

In this type of affiliate marketing you both make commissions from the sales that you lead and the sales that your sub affiliates lead. You share the link of the store as usual. If someone clicks and buys a product you get commissions. If another one clicks on the link and decides to be an affiliate of that store, he/she is recorded as a sub affiliate of you. When he/she shares links and leads to sales, he/she get commissions, once he/she get paid you also get paid over his/her earnings. And some affiliate structures goes deep down to 10 levels. You will have a chance to earn from sale of your sub affiliates’ of their sub affiliates’…….of their sub affiliates’ sales! Let’s say each sub affiliate invites only 2 new affiliates, in the 10 level you will have 1024 sub affiliates, in total you will have 2047 sub affiliates!

Well math might look intimating, but only thing you need to is to invite new affiliates using your link, then your sub affiliates will do the rest of the work. Literally they will be working for you!

When PayPal and DropBox was a small company they used power of affiliate business model and they became giant of their own business sectors. So we know affiliate business model works both for companies and affiliates such as you.

Under this article we gather some of the multi-level affiliate products, we will also update the list regularly. All you need to do is click on the link and sign up as an affiliate and share your links in the internet. To earn more and quickly:

  • 1. sign up to as many as affiliate products mentioned below
  • 2. share affiliates link as many as possible places (instagram, facebook groups, facebook comments, telegram groups, twitter comments, pinterest, internet forums, blogs, youtube comments, etc. More clicks = More Income)
  • 3. Repeat Number 1 and 2

MLM affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative business in the world. Everybody understands how it works, what has to be done to be successfull but only few people become successful in this business. Most people quits as they want to get rich quick whereas MLM affiliate marketing requires months of hard work.

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